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No shock to people that you have a tough time finding almost anything useful or good in the 'Alexa Skills Store'. I had been working on the 'Ultimate Guide To Voice Assistants' and people seemed to dig it. This was a side-experiment from that. I wanted to see if some curation + persona 'mash-up' would be an interesting angle to explore when looking for Skills to try/use. LOL at there being just one skill in 'Health + Fitness' at the moment....thats all you need right? πŸ™„ P.s. I used the awesome Carrd to set this site up - because Im zero-skills at putting together a site pps. I used/use Gradients because I can't do any sort of decent design work for shit ppps. I saw and thought this would be an awesome format for Alexa Skills h/t @15greenberg Sometimes you may get an error loading the page, just give it a refresh - DNS is taking its time to settle down but it should warm up soon if it doesnt load straight away 😑. Think it doesnt help if I keep doing little updates and publishing them πŸ€”
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@bentossell @15greenberg Great job on this website Ben πŸ‘ The design is πŸ‘Œ I never tried Amazon Echo (I thought about getting an Amazon Echo Dot) so I only heard about the curation problem but never experienced it. But i think for every new platform, some kind of human curation is needed at some point(for example chatbots with botlist) , and more especially for Alexa since the news about the 10000th skill :) Are you happy with your Echo ? PS: I realised my next side-project should have emojis everywhere 😜
@mrcalexandre Yeah I think a curation is actually a good place to start when discovering if there is a problem and if there are enough people who care about it to become part of a solution. I have an Echo Dot - I'm happy with it for now.... Waiting for this Voice revolution to happen though so that I'm blown away every time, not just 'happy with it' ha if that makes sense? Yeah emojis make everything better and the world go round 🌍
Alexa is great, but the Alexa Skills store is awful. Thank you @bentossell for putting this together πŸ‘
@gabriel__lewis cheers dude! felt the same way!
Great job Ben! (although, this background definitely hurt eyes ;) ) If think there's room for this kind of curation site to really shine : internationalization. It's easy enough to find blog articles mentioning what you can do with google now or siri (don't know about alexa) in english, but it's way more difficult to find it in other languages. That's a problem, because speaking english properly is way more difficult than writing it (I, for one, always fight with google now for it to understand what I say), so many people probably just keep voice recognition in their native language ... and don't know what to do with it. So I would say some obvious iterations here would be to add native language categories (I guess that can be crowdsourced), then maybe add support for other voice recognition systems (not just alexa).
@oelmekki Oi I said Im no designer okayyyy and I like fun colours haha. yeah a very good point! This is only in English and only on Alexa because it is my curation but agree that other platforms would be a natural step and also looking into languages would be awesome
@bentossell @oelmekki Might be worth chatting with fellow Cardiffian @roblobue of Applingua - he does app internationalisation. Might have some thoughts on it.
@neilcocker @oelmekki @roblobue perhaps if I have an experiment further on this I may explore it
✌️Nice job. Very radiant gradient β˜€οΈ
@syswarren did I do design good? Thought it would go with my radiant personality?
@bentossell you're the sunshine of our day Ben. 😎
@syswarren 'our' being the collective community right?
@bentossell No, I was talking about her Majesty and me.
@syswarren oh goodness, how silly of me. Apologies m'lady