Deletes hidden Sketch history files that can take a lot of space on your hard drive and that you would probably never use.

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3.4 GB saved! Thanks guys! You should have a "Tweet your space saved" button after cleaning, may help spread the word!
@jmsuth thanks Jon! Yes, we plan to add this in the next version :-)
@jmsuth @oparenko I've been using sketch cache cleaner, and I must say it's speeding up my sketch. But the only issue i'm getting is it's even removing my local/global sketch color swatches :( is there a way to retain them?
This is a lifesaver! :) Good like, guys.
@fo0x cheers! :)
Is it safe to delete Sketch cache?
@error23_ The app just simplifies approach described here:
@minikin I guess it's a yes..
@error23_ in case you're not relying on automatic file versions by os, it is safe.At this moment I can't find a better way to deal with it. Any ideas are quite welcome.
@minikin I am relying on automatic file versioning and this deletes ALL revisions of ALL files. You should at least warn users about this. It has nothing to do with Caches at all, so misleading.
@minikin @fpocha All files? Not just Sketch files? That's a huge difference…
Amazing! Had 5.4 GB worth of sketch cached data 😑
This application is misleading - it doesn’t clear the Sketch cache, but deletes all pervious versions of your file - so you lose all possibility of recovering them! Please warn users about this - I now have lost all previous versions of my designs by using this.
@fpocha Why do you need to keep previous versions? I keep EVERYTHING on one doc. ↪ duplicate artboard + work to the right ↩