Sketch 42

Now with export presets, touch bar integration, and more

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Big fan of Sketch here, but seriously folks - we're not gonna hunt every new software release that has 'Touchbar integration', are we? Or every new release of Sketch for that matter.
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@t55 Touchbar maybe, but the export presets are a pretty huge win
@mg Export presets may be a great addition but that hardly justifies the return of Sketch to the PH featured page imho.
@t55 I hunted version 41, but it didn't get nearly as many upvotes. Someone also hunted version 40. We should keep up the tradition. :-D Sketch 40: Sketch 41:
@heidi_helen @t55 I might start hunting Chrome updates πŸŽ‰ Cool touchbar integration though πŸ‘
@heidi_helen @notrab Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sketch 43 here on the PH posted and/or featured pages. Can't wait to see what exciting new bugfixes and unexpected new subfeatures will be added. Now excuse me while I'm off hunting new Firefox releases. :-)
I'm coming guys
Sketch is a must for developers. Now that it supports the Touchbar, the new MacBook Pro is looking more attractive.
As a designer, my heart longs for a Touchbar. Sketch users, what are your recommended learning resources?