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1 Review5.0/5
Been using this for about two months now and it's totally replaced photoshop for my limited use cases.
I love this app, but hate how it's so insanely buggy. I have no tolerance for buggy apps, but I WANT to use this app so much that I keep going back to it. It's like a drug that I can't disabuse myself of. It's especially good for Mobile with Sketch Mirror (http://www.bohemiancoding.com/sk...)
yep, mavericks too unfortunately. i've recently just started playing with sketch-framer. jury's out on if that's actually faster or slower than other animation design tools, but from a development standpoint, we like that it's driven by code (numbers) since its easier to translate into CoreAnimation parameters.
Yep, that's the one
Been using this for my app design and loving it.