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#4 Product of the MonthFebruary 2018

Every weekday Sip surfaces the most interesting and important tech stories of the day, from breaking news to profiles on favorite tech products. Stories arrive once a day so you can stay informed and remain productive.

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of talking to dozens of Product Hunt users. One common remark was how Product Hunt is part of their daily news routine. Internally, we knew this as well via our data and push notification metrics. When something significant happens in tech (e.g., acquisitions or big product launches) we often send out a push notification linking back to the related product's page. Admittedly, this page doesn't always best explain what happened at that moment. Today we're launching a new experimental app called Sip. Sip delivers daily tappable tech news and stories. Every weekday it surfaces the most interesting and important tech stories of the day, from breaking news to profiles on favorite tech products. While allowing makers and the community to remain productive by having a single daily digest to review on your own time. Let us know what you think. I look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve Sip. P.S. Sip is built alongside the awesome Product Hunt community using Ship, our toolkit for makers. If you would like early access to future Sip betas, and provide feedback directly to me, you can join the group here. P.S.S. We’re also releasing a huge update to the Product Hunt mobile app, soon available on iOS and Android. If you’d like early access, subscribe here.
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@chadwhitaker Wow!! this is huge news. A treat for all android users from PH finally. Cant love this enough. would give hands on feedback. quick question do we get to choose the interests in SIP or its same for everyone? had'nt followed the building process.
@chadwhitaker @sagar868 Same for everyone right now, but we're considering domain-specific notifications or channels!
@chadwhitaker Wow, nice app. Usually, I using a few telegram channels to get notified of news once a day, but now it looks like I will use this app.
@chadwhitaker Finally! I've been waiting to see what you were planning after our conversation :) Looks sweet! I'm all about this.
It's been so fun to play with various builds over the past few months, @chadwhitaker has done an incredible job. We're excited to build new types of content to help improve your daily news routine and draw attention to under-reported stories and products that deserve it. What kind of news stories would you like to see most? What types of stories and products deserve attention? We'd love to hear from you (and hope you enjoy Sip)!
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@chadwhitaker @nickabouzeid how will the content be curated/chosen?
@chadwhitaker @chrismessina The entire content and community team will work together to curate and write the stories. We're also hiring to help bolster our content team!
@chadwhitaker @nickabouzeid breaking news would be good. But I should be able to choose how many push notifications I want to receive at most per day/week. Also if I miss or dismiss them, there should be a list of notifications in the App so can go back not have the FOMO and have keep multiple notifications on my phone's screen
@chadwhitaker @nickabouzeid Well done and congratulations! Looks very well built and minimalistic enough to feel comfortable :)
@rrhoover First you ship Ship, now you ship Sip. What's next? Slip? Snip? Hoping it's not Strip!
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@daviswbaer Skip. We skip!
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I have been part of the beta and I love Sip! The short news stories just take a few minutes to read and I'm up to speed. I love how the app works and Sip is an app I'll keep on my iPhone.


Popular news in just a few minutes


Not at the moment

Thanks for your kind words, Angie. 🙏🏼

I have been using Sip for a while now, but never received any notifications - that's probably because it's being officially launched only today. Let's see how this goes!


Great design and love the concept! The idea of notifications for tech news is wonderful and I cannot wait to see how this comes out!


Never received any notifications (news) all during the beta period.