Applying for US Immigration should be simple

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Brady Stoddard
@bradystoddard · Founder
@blendahtom thanks for the submission :)


Brady Stoddard
@bradystoddard · Founder
@Bentossell - The idea came about after 2 members of our founding team actually struggled through the immigration process. Their situations were fairly straightforward yet immigration lawyers wanted to charge thousands of dollars and we couldn't find any online services to help. So after we successfully went through the process ourselves we created SimpleCit… See more
Esteban Aravena
@esbvn · Director of Client Services
From Utah?! Nice!
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'd love to hear from people that have used SimpleCitizen before. I have some teammates that have gone (and are still going through) this painful, costly process and would love to support anything that can make this easier. There are so many talented people doing great things for the world that the U.S. should be thrilled to have as citizens... of course i… See more
@brockneilson · Anomaly
I've been watching this blossom for a long time and this team is doing amazing things
Maarten Peschier
@maartenfm · VP of Engineering, Millward Brown
Wish this had been around a year ago when I applied. I'm pretty sure I have severe 'formophobia', and it took me months to get through all the paperwork. Can't upvote this enough!