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@Bentossell - The idea came about after 2 members of our founding team actually struggled through the immigration process. Their situations were fairly straightforward yet immigration lawyers wanted to charge thousands of dollars and we couldn't find any online services to help. So after we successfully went through the process ourselves we created SimpleCitizen to automate the process.
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@bradystoddard Nice! Love when people make something to solve their issue (especially when it affects others!)
@bradystoddard Great idea, is it mostly for Family Green Cards or can you help with other cases of immigration? For example a startup who wants to move to the US for some time?
Thanks @doefler, currently we only support Family Green Cards; but we are expanding to other areas in immigration very soon.
@bradystoddard That would be really amazing. I think it would be a smart growth strategy to get startups to love and share your service.
@bradystoddard Great problem to solve. I've seen many talented people leave the U.S. simply because they couldn't solve their immigration stuff. Kudos.
From Utah?! Nice!
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I'd love to hear from people that have used SimpleCitizen before. I have some teammates that have gone (and are still going through) this painful, costly process and would love to support anything that can make this easier. There are so many talented people doing great things for the world that the U.S. should be thrilled to have as citizens... of course it's complicated. 😕
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Hey @rrhoover, I just uploaded an image of a testimonial that was posted to their facebook page.
@rrhoover hi. My name is Olivia and I recently completed my green card application with SimpleCitizen and I cannot fault my experience. Their name really says it all, it is SO simple. I am from the UK and moved to America on an F1 student visa, graduated and worked on an OPT visa, married an American and was absolutely terrified to apply for my green card because I had heard from everyone that it was such a hard and lengthy process. One of my friends sent me a link to an article about SimpleCitizen and I signed up immediately. At first, it was so simple that it made me hesitant towards the whole thing so I decided to print every single page of every single application that I needed to fill out just in case, as I was looking over the paperwork and comparing it to the site I realized it was so complicated and that simple citizen was actually just breaking down the information in a way that normal people, who aren't familiar with the immigration process would understand. Another thing I really liked was that on every single form you have to fill out SO much of the same information, which doesn't seem too bad but when you have to write you name, address, nationality, passport number, spouses name on all 100 pages, it would take hours, and thats not on top of all the other information you need. Whereas on SimpleCitizen you fill out your name, passport number, address etc. once and then it automatically puts it in every place its required. It took my one day to completely finish filling out all my information and then all I had to do was compile all my paperwork, take passport pictures etc. and within a week I had finished the whole process - a process that usually takes people months!! I found the attorney review extremely helpful, it also calmed my nerves that after all my hard work it wouldn't be sent back because I missed one minor detail. After I sent my application, I received receipt tracking numbers in the mail a few days later, and a week after that got my letter for my biometrics exam, which is this friday - not even a month after I submitted my application. I'm sorry this comment is so long but I just feel really passionately about this site. Words cannot describe how much it has helped me, it has made a process that is usually so hard, so unbelievably easy, I cannot praise it enough. It saves you so much time, money and stress, I cannot think of one negative. The only way you will possibly be able to fathom how simple it is, is to try it. I'm not technical at all and I had no trouble navigating around the site. If anyone has any questions for me about the process, feel free to ask, I would be more than happy to help :)
I've been watching this blossom for a long time and this team is doing amazing things
@brockneilson thanks for all your support Brock
@brockneilson I learned the ropes from you!
Wish this had been around a year ago when I applied. I'm pretty sure I have severe 'formophobia', and it took me months to get through all the paperwork. Can't upvote this enough!