Shopify Retail Kit

Shopify’s new POS hardware for managing a unified business

Manage a unified business and improve your customers’ experience—online, offline, and everywhere in between—with Shopify’s new point of sale hardware.
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We’re excited to introduce the Shopify Retail Kit, our new point of sale hardware for selling offline, online, and everywhere in between. The Shopify Retail Kit includes the new Tap & Chip Reader, giving customers the freedom to pay in-store with secure, contactless options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. Let us know what you think of our newest POS hardware.
@_kdonnelly hello Kevin, we are finally moving our eCommerce to Shopify Plus, but in our retail store we use Lightseed POS — what are the pros of changing to Shopify POS? Other than (I guess) the possibility to sync our inventory for the store and online?
You can’t look at this and not draw immediate comparisons to Square’s Register:

Previously used the Shopify POS system and it was a little rough around the edges. This new kit seems to address those previous flaws.


Love the new design of the tap and chip reader


Haven't tried it yet to see where it can improve

Beautifully crafted hardware. Congrats to the team.
@kevinnaismith thanks man, this is the result of so, so much hard work! Really appreciate the kind words ❤️
The design is slick. The smartest piece is that's detachable so it can be used while mobile (e.g. used by restaurant waiters on the floor). @skanwar gave me a peek earlier today:
@skanwar @rrhoover thanks for the kind words @rrhoover, glad you could get some hands on time with it! 🙏