Shopify Black Friday Live Map

Real-time stream of Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend sales

#3 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2018

The Black Friday Live Map is a real-time look at Shopify merchant sales throughout the most important shopping weekend in North America.

Gregory Ciotti
Steve Haase
Brady Paron
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  • Aydin Mirzaee
    Aydin MirzaeeCEO & Founding Fellow @

    Looks really cool!


    Wish it existed everyday!

    Encouraging to see how you can sell globally and that real people are doing it.

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Steven Michael Thomas
Steven Michael ThomasMaker@stevenwhatevr · Software developer, Shopify
Hi everyone! 🌎 🌍 🌏 At Shopify, we rally around the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend because it’s a significant moment for our 600,000+ merchants. Black Friday Cyber Monday is no longer the exclusive domain of big box retailers - in 2017, Shopify merchants generated $1 billion in sales over the four days. To show this phenomenon in real time, we’ve revamped our annual live sales map. The map provides a one-of-a-kind view into events as they unfold throughout BFCM, from granular details to global trends. Explore the live map to see everything from the distance far-flung international shipments have traveled, the rate of sales per minute across Shopify, or, even a flash sale in progress. This map was built using WebGL and three.js to create something that is interactive and able to handle all of the data flowing through it. We hope you enjoy it! Steve
Evan Farrell
Evan Farrell@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
@stevenwhatevr Hey! Was Jacky Chiu involved with this at all? I know he helped build 'live view' for merchants, is this similar?
Bilal Karim
Bilal Karim@beekay__ · Product Designer at Rubikloud
@stevenwhatevr This is very cool. Nice work Shopify and team!
Steven Michael Thomas
Steven Michael ThomasMaker@stevenwhatevr · Software developer, Shopify
@evan_farrell Similar! The Live View exists inside a merchant's shop so they can view sales for their business in real time. We are big fans of real time!
Steven Michael Thomas
Steven Michael ThomasMaker@stevenwhatevr · Software developer, Shopify
@beekay__ Thank you!
Rishiraj Purohit
Rishiraj Purohit@ri5hiraj · Product Development & Marketing
@evan_farrell @stevenwhatevr Do you use sockets for real time?
Cristan Brown
Cristan Brown@cristan · Customer Success at Helpful
This is so cool!
kozen@kozen23 · Co-Founder, Swapit
We're also running a Black Friday promotion on @skydroneaero with our shop. Check it out.
Tim J. Elliott
Tim J. Elliott@omnispace_designer · Designer | Build Your World 🌎
Time to get the popcorn and watch how much money Shopify can pull in today. #TrumpEconomics
James Gill
James GillHiring@jamesjgill · CEO, GoSquared
Absolutely love this! So cool to see what's happening across the Shopify network. We did something similar at GoSquared a few years back if you like your 3D Globes 🌎