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Browse and buy products all in Facebook Messenger.

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With Shopify and Messenger, your will be able to browse and buy your products, all while chatting with stores in real-time. With this product, you can recreate the real-life shopping experience by sharing and discussing product decisions with friends and family right before you buy in the familiar app of Facebook Messenger. This is a major step forward for conversational commerce, one that will change the way the world shops online.
@anniekoolkat Very cool! Are Shopify brands able to build a bot directly in your CMS? Or does the CMS automatically build a bot for the brands?
@shriftman Glad you think this is cool. That's a great question, currently that is not possible but it gives us ideas for future features to build! From the CMS perspective, it really depends on which CMS you are using.
Thank you @shriftman! Messenger by Shopify lets our merchants sync their products directly into browsable carousels that their customers can shop from insider their Messenger convo. Customers can ask questions, receive order updates, and even buy products with one tap. πŸ› πŸ“² πŸŽ‰
Hey everyone, I'm the product manager for Shop in Messenger. Our team has been working in partnership with Messenger for a while now, and we're excited to see this ship to enable conversational commerce for our merchants. For any developers out there who are interested, we built this by using our own sales channel platform, which enables developers to sell products from Shopify's network and plug into the back-office commerce power of Shopify so that you can focus solely on creating a great buying experience for your users. We're still in beta with the SDK (going public soon), but if you're interested now in building your own commerce chat bot, marketplace, or adding commerce into your existing product, please sign up or DM me.
Loving the screenshots :)
@chinaschau Glad you think so :)
Great pitch and great move. We're strong believers of messaging as a platform here @smoochlabs which is why we enable companies like Shopify to create similar experiences for their customers across platforms. So the news here compared to your previous Messenger integration is that you now provide shops with an automated catalog browsing experience and checkout inside the conversation? Curious to know how you deal with the current limitations of Messenger, like the size of the carousel. It might be interesting to include in your pitch how easy it is to customize and setup, and also what is the experience for shop owners when communicating with their customers on Messenger. It seems crucial in maintaining that personal relationships with customers.
@kvgauthier Thanks for your support! Our main belief is that we want to make it easy for Shopify merchants to be absolutely *wherever* their customers are, and chat platforms are going to be one of those places. Messenger is what we hope will be the first of many. This initial launch of the Messenger integration does a big chunk of work for our merchants automagically - it syncs products from their inventory without them needing to do any additional setup or connection of their store really, aside from specifying the Facebook page of their business. From the Shopify dashboard, merchants can control visibility of products at both a collection and per-item level, so that they can also curate the types of products that show up in their Messenger sales channel conversations versus their other channels, like Online Store or Pinterest. This update also builds on the initial success of Messenger by Shopify 1.0, which delivered automatic personalized receipts and shipping notifications for customers. Now customers can 'continue shopping' or check on new products in the catalog, straight from their receipts and order update messages too. Totally agree: gotta keep the connection with customers warm :) Customers can also share products surfaced in the chat to other group chats and those people can start their own conversations with the merchant. We'll be adding more customization to the whole chat flow AND Messenger menu as the app matures. Really soon! Our team is small and scrappy, we tend to move quite quickly! As for your carousel question -- we use quick replies throughout the experience to give it some variation and also let customers choose how much more they want to go at each tier of browsing. You can try it out on a real Shopify merchant store here:
@katbuilt @kvgauthier This is really great stuff. We at Reamaze are absolutely blown away at Shopify's passion for connecting with customers. It's something we share too. A few of our Shopify customers reached out because they wanted us to add a few additional endpoints so their messenger conversations are more fluid within Reamaze. The ecosystem is getting more vibrant and we're just plain excited that store owners can constantly deliver better shopping and customer service experiences.