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Awesome! Thanks @noahkagan for sharing the stuff you're creating for yourself.
@natewinn Thanks Nate #1.5 :)
Installing this on my site now! The design is clean - I like it better than DiggDigg. Also, I love the social proofing of "x total shares". My only request would be to have an option to remove the SumoMe branded "other" option. Most of my users share on a small group of 4-5 platforms, so I'd rather only display those buttons. This is a feature I'd gladly pay for! :)
@natedesmond Hey Nate #1, great call. Definitely something we'll get to.
@noahkagan another winning tool!
@desisaran Appreciate the comment Desi :)
@Noahkagan and the team at SumoMe are quietly building a Traffic As A Service Platform before our very eyes. @NoahKagan I think you have featured each new SumoMe product here on PH.. am I right?
@noahkagan Can you customize the look of the widget(the color is way different from the palette of my app)?
@tarans22 Yea, 100% customization :)