Shape by IDEO

A visual, collaborative space to build, test, & refine ideas

Shape is IDEO’s latest digital innovation tool to build, test, and refine your ideas.
It emerged from IDEO’s years of experience working on open innovation, and a deep dive into the needs and difficulties confronted by teams working to solve tough challenges.
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Dan RockwellCo-founder, Big Kitty Labs
I want to like it but i'm confused as to what it exactly does. Feels over designed, like ok is this 1, a mood board, or 2, a google gather all my stuff in a place, or 3, a sciverer mac like thing or what. Like yes i see multiple users and collab and share ideas but that feels like a mood board thing.
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
@floozyspeak I agree. Is there a live board we could engage with? Love the idea of gathering data on user feedback.
Jerry Becker
All Around Good Guy
Shape looks to be IDEO's tool for helping people or organizations share and work on new ideas. This seems like it could be a pretty solid answer to support innovation pipelines within organizations, as well as form communities around emerging ideas. I played around with it a bit (doing the onboarding) and while the tutorials are helpful, it seems like it could be a bit more intuitive....but all in all, it's pretty cool product! What do you think?
Looks like they just took Milanote and rebranded it to their own thing.
Elizabeth S Hunker
The value of this depends, almost entirely, on how large and relevant a community it can aggregate. Fingers crossed it's a success - because it has potential for some greatness. @ideo
Andu PotoracFounder at Widgetic
Product discovery is essential for entrepreneurs that want to make sure they hit the right notes with a feasible, viable and desirable MVP. I hope this product delivers on that, as I get to spend the next 5 minutes evaluating it for what it might become. :)
Andu PotoracFounder at Widgetic
I must say I'm pretty excited about IDEO building their own digital products! :)
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