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Turn your average first-response time into your average resolution time with Freshmarketer and Freshdesk integration.

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Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for the hunt :) Freshmarketer's session replay feature is now integrated with Freshdesk. With this integration, you can view customers’ sessions and find out what they did before reaching out to the support portal. These sessions will give you better context on the customer’s issue without much probing. With every ticket that gets generated in Freshdesk, you can view the customers’ sessions with just one click. How can this integration help your customer support agents? When a customer raises a ticket from the website/support portal, the support agents don’t always have the full context of the issue to troubleshoot. With Freshdesk - Session Replay integration the support agents can watch the video playback of the customer’s session understand what happened before and after the customer raised a ticket and resolve the issue. These sessions will give you better context on the customer's issue without much probing. Moreover, you can also see what solutions your customers tried and also knowledge base articles they had gone through before reaching out to support portal. It gives you insights into the customer journey and the kind of experience they encounter. This would avoid back and forth email conversations thereby reducing resolution SLA time, increasing agent productivity thereby creating a unique customer experience Advantages of using this integration - * Never ask for screenshots or Gifs. * Get better context on the issues. * Play the customers’ sessions to get a better understanding of their issues without much probing. * Know what solutions your customers tried. * Session replays also show you the solutions and knowledge-based articles your customers went through before reaching out to support. * No need to ask for screenshots, Gifs or take remote access of your customers’ system. Instead, replay their sessions to get all the information you need. Try out this integration And we are super happy to provide 20% off on your first purchase for Freshmarketer :) (use PH-OFFER1 at checkout)
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@contactnaveen , If you are planning to do outbound sales, few strategies : a) Target startups who have recently raised money. Since they have raised money, they will be spending aggressively on marketing to acquire more users. More users >> More customer queries >> Need for Freshworks. b) Target companies who are hiring for customer support. Since they are already hiring for customer support, it means customer support department is growing. It is their area of focus right now that is why hiring for this position. Again 10X better conversion.
It is a great solution, it can probably solve many problems including when a customer doesn't understand tech support manager. But I don't get how does it work? Should the customer upload some kind of app? Should it be always ON?
@bitrewards Thanks for your message. If you are making use of Freshdesk, all you need to do is to enable this integration under Admin -> Helpdesk Productivity > Session Replay. Once this is enabled, we will start tracking your visitor's/customer's behavior on the website and support portal. And when the customer raises a ticket, you can watch the customer sessions associated with every ticket. And customer need not upload anything from their side. Also, the support agents need not ask for screenshots, GIFs etc., They can instantly replay their sessions to get all the information that they need. You can take a look at this support article to turn ON the integration. If you need any more details you can reach out to me naveenv (at) freshworks (dot) com.
This is a pretty cool feature, will integrate it into our system and also give the feedback for the same by giving a review here.
@iamaayushij That's awesome. If you need any help in setting this up, feel free to ping me or