Servicebot for Wordpress

Easily let customers buy and manage Stripe subscriptions

In a matter of minutes, you can have Stripe Billing running on your Wordpress site, taking payments for Stripe Subscriptions, and letting customers manage their accounts. No coding required!
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Welcome all! We're very excited to launch the Wordpress plugin for our product, Servicebot. Servicebot makes it super easy to add Stripe billing functionality to your website or app. One of the requests we receive a lot is that while the product is super flexible to handle many website and application stacks, there is some development effort to get things integrated and users authenticated. With this plugin we hope to allow people who want to do no coding at all launch their subscription business faster than ever. You can use shortcodes or widgets using the plugin in Wordpress. This allows you to very easily add your pricing pages, signup forms, or subscription management portal to any page you want on your site. Signups will automatically create users in wordpress, and when they login to your site they will be able to manage their subscriptions. We hope this makes Stripe & starting a business accessible to more and provide anyone with very professional and great looking billing pages. You can check out a live example here: Please let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to ask any questions you have!
Very helpful support staff before I’m even onboarded. Clean UI and great simple solution.
@damon_kelley Thanks Damon, much appreciated!
Easy integration with WordPress would be very helpful. 🚀
I need this, thanks for building!