Service for Hotels

We monitor your hotel rate and if it drops, rebook you.


Hey guys, meet Service's newest creation - Service for Hotels! We now automatically monitor the rate you booked your hotels at, and when the rate drops, we rebook you automatically. It's the single biggest release we've done since Service itself. Looking forward to your feedback, and to saving you some money!

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Daniel Li
James Cridland
  • Daniel Li
    Daniel LiFullstack JavaScript Developer

    Good idea, give option of annual subscription or pay-as-you-go


    Requires access to your email

    I will not be giving access to my email to any platform which is not open-sourced. Since the software is the business here, the platform can't really be open-sourced. But for this reason only, I won't be recommending it to a friend.

    Daniel Li has never used this product.