Service for Hotels

We monitor your hotel rate and if it drops, rebook you.

Hey guys, meet Service's newest creation - Service for Hotels! We now automatically monitor the rate you booked your hotels at, and when the rate drops, we rebook you automatically. It's the single biggest release we've done since Service itself. Looking forward to your feedback, and to saving you some money!

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I will not be giving access to my email to any platform which is not open-sourced. Since the software is the business here, the platform can't really be open-sourced. But for this reason only, I won't be recommending it to a friend.


Good idea, give option of annual subscription or pay-as-you-go


Requires access to your email

Daniel, I understand some people are hesitant about inbox access. We have industry standard security protections in place and in addition we don’t store your password or any of your emails other than flight and hotel confirmations. Ie. If “doomsday” happened and someone had access to Service, they would *not* have access to your email account.
I would rather just forward emails than allow full access
@scotty_mcq we used to work that way... the reason we no longer do it is, it's much more burden on the end user, who has to remember to forward us confirmation emails, let us know when they cancel reservations, and (sometimes) forward us airline correspondence. We want to serve you without having to do anything - we can only do that with inbox access.
@zappe because we want to provide a seamless user experience, serve the user without them having to do anything.
@scotty_mcq @schneider why not be an add-on to ? or have it with both options?
Hey guys, this is a big deal for us, as big as launching the company itself! Our goal has always been to make customer service less painful, to stop companies from wasting your time, and to get you what you deserve. Would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have!
I didn't use your service and I could rate the app, but the gif of the magician is awesome. Good luck for the launch day 🔥
@marcogurnari thanks. If you use the app you’ll see even more wizard ;)
@marcogurnari I totally agree. The wizard is fantastic
Same thing as, who's been around for several years now. DreamCheaper doesn't require access to your emails, you simply forward your booking receipts and their software does the rest.
@ebsalberto Dreamcheaper just filed for bankruptcy
@schneider Didn't know that, thanks. What are you doing that's different?
@ebsalberto we are much more automated than they were... we use software to do nearly everything, they used humans for a lot of it.