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Hey guys - it's Michael, founder of Service. I created Service out of a personal frustration spending too much of my time dealing with customer service issues in my life. I was sick and tired of how companies never respect your personal time by keeping you on hold forever, having agents that don't really understand what the issue is (or sometimes, even understand English), make you "fax" and "mail" things, and the amount of follow up time it can take to get an issue resolved fairly. It's only been a few months but we're closing in on $100,000 recovered for consumers, and the best part is they didn't have to spend their time getting to a fair resolution. I love that we're saving people money, but I think it's even more interesting that we're saving them time - all by insisting on the right thing being done with a company that let them down. We have big plans and are already using software to scale - which will become much more powerful over time. We want to make it seem archaic that you would ever waste your time resolving your own customer service issue! Would love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. And next time you are let down by a company, don't waste your own time - Service It!
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@schneider Sounds like an amazing idea. Frustration over these calls is beyond imagination. I just submitted a ticket, will provide feedback when I see the resolution.
@mossibat Thanks! Let me know how you find the Service.
@schneider Interesting product Michael. How do you guys plan on making money from this at scale?
Service is *amazing* .. I've saved almost $500 using it. Highly recommended.
@mulligan What have you used it for?
@soffes some examples: west elm screwed up a delivery and they got me a refund. hotel overcharged me 33% and they got me a refund. company didn't ship whole order and they called to sort it out.
Used Service to help me resolve a TiVo billing charge. worked great.
@hunterwalk TIL someone still uses (and pays for) TiVo ;)
@hunterwalk thanks for the support, Hunter!
"Service helps consumers get what they deserve from businesses. Basically, you tell us about a problem you had with a business, and we fix it for you." - Service Website " We've gotten non refundable airline tickets refunded (when there's a legit reason), delivery fees waived on late deliveries, appointment times prioritized, credits when bad service was provided at restaurants, and many more. You can see some examples on our homepage of real cases with real people." It is a simple and useful product, however, I think the homepage could do a bit more to describe or show what they do. All in all, very well done!
@tycrollins thanks Tyler! we updated our homepage since you posted this so hopefully it's clearer now.
@tycrollins as a Tyler, I agree with this feedback
After spending a couple weeks with you in hotels*, I know that you are the PERFECT person to run this business ;) Super excited about Service as a business and what it can do for people. I'm curious: how does it scale? * = I can explain.
@eriktorenberg thanks! it scales with software... we are already way faster and more successful than the average consumer in resolving an issue.
@schneider Nice. how much faster? how do you measure?
@levandreessen well, from the consumers point of view, it takes them 30 seconds to report, so massive time savings. plus we can often solve cases much faster because we know the quickest pathways to resolution for each company, whereas an average consumer only knows the companies they've dealt with.