SEO Writing Assistant by SEMrush

Content optimization on the go


SEO Writing Assistant helps content creators to ensure their texts are unique and written in an SEO-friendly style by providing recommendations for content optimization based on best-performing articles in Google’s top-10 for given keywords in a given location. Seamlessly integrates with Google Docs and Wordpress.

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Director of SEO at Contractor Calls

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant isn't bad, but it still has plenty of room for growth. Read my in-depth review here:


Easy to use, straightforward, and has a few helpful features


Doesn't explain much, and is missing a few good features

Product Owner, SEMrush
Hi, Joe. Thank you for a thorough review. I hope that you'd be glad to hear that more actionable advice on how to work on your readability is coming to SWA very soon.
Tabletopia PR & Marketing

I love this WordPress plugin. Helps me to stay creative while I'm still keeping an eye on keywords. I have Yoast to edit my snippet and this one for keywords.


Easy to setup

Helps to get some keyword ideas

Works with WordPress

Nice readability and plagiarism check


Shows to many words as a target. In my industry an average article is shorter

Product Marketing Manager
Thanks for your nice review, Ivan! :)

I use it for all of my online articles and blog posts. It used LSI related keywords and the seo template from SEMrush to ensure your copy 100% Google optimized.


Amazing for getting your copy perfect for Google


Can use an insert for media button like squirrely seo plugin.

Product Marketing Manager
Hi, Chris! Thanks for your flattering feedback and suggestion! :) We'll definitely think it over!

I have been using SEMRUSH Writing assistant tool for about 3 months and all I have is great things to say about this. After a long I have found something that actually helps in the SEO optimization of articles which actually works.

The LSI & readability feature in my opinion is an underlooked attributes of On page SEO and writing assistant is filling the gap.

Would love to see this tool grow more with powerful integration such as WordPress & other popular editors in the coming days.

A good hunt! 👏🏻


➤ LSI Feature

➤ Easy to use

➤ Readability calculator

➤ Optimization suggestion based on Geo location


Hoping for WordPress integration (Feature request)

Product Marketing Manager
Hey, Harsh! Thanks so much for such a detailed review! I have a good news for you - we already have a plugin for Wordpress, you can download it here - :) Also, one more integration was just released - plagiarism check. Hope you'll find it useful as well! :)
Key Accounts Manager

Great little extension that uses data from SEMrush SEO Content template tool


Easy to use and simple to install


Subscription limits apply for some checks

Product Marketing Manager
Hi, Kirill! Thanks for your review! You are right, it is limited to a 1 request on a free subscription, but unlimited on all paid accounts.
Magento Developer

Nice app we can easily manage content... thanks semrush team :)


Useful app for content writing.


Waiting for full update

Product Marketing Manager
Thanks, Pradeep! We'll keep our users updated about new features coming! Stay tuned!
Digital marketing analyst

This is an amazing tool that can be used by both writers and SEO to optimize content based on their target serp. Instead of having guidelines which are then impossible to verify, you have the data right at your fingertips when and where you need it the most. Its a great addition to any blogger or SEO's toolkit.


Gives you feedback right where you need it - while you're writing. And the insights are data driven and based on competitive intelligence.


It would be great if it added more on-page elements and metrics.

Product Marketing Manager
Hi, Marcela! Thanks for your review - we are constantly working on improvement of the add-on, more cool metrics are on the way, stay updated! :)
WordPress SEO Consultant

The SEO Writing Assistant is a simple yet effective tool to help you get the most from your content before publishing.

Once I followed the simple instruction steps 1, 2, 3 then I was able to load up my article in Google Docs and load the Addon.

It asked me for my content template, which I created a new one, based on my new keywords. Very quickly the Addon did an SEO check over my article.

It came back with a list of recommendation based on an SEO score. It started with and overal score out of 10, mine was 7/10 as it is.

Then it gave readability scores and recommendation of how to make the text more readable.

It also did a word count and then checked the target keywords. At this stage it also recommended a number keywords which I had not considered.

It also checked my Title and the keyword usage within the title.

There is also a Plagiarism tab, which I found quite handy since I am always having to go check on a third party website.

So I ran the check and it came up clean as a whistle, which I am glad about since I was the one who wrote it... :)

This tool will be my new best friend before publishing any new articles on my websites.

Well done SEMrush, and highly recommend this tools for anyone who is writing and publishing on a regular basis.


Very useful when checking over content submitted by writers.


Requires Google Docs, and an SEMrush account, but that's easily solved.

Founder @ Premium Content Shop

Great product overall.


Super useful and easy to install. Love how it works with Google Docs.


Subscription limit is quite tight.

Content Marketer
The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant tool can be a solid choice for SEO professionals and content marketers, especially who outsource SEO content. Still, there a room for growth. Here are some pros and cons for this tool. Pros: 1. Easy to install and setup. I have already written a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this tool. 2. Instant readability check and recommendations to improve the content readability. 3. Semantically related terms are displayed under the recommended keywords tab that you can include in your SEO copy. 4. Link recommendations under the SEO Content Template tool. 5. The AI-powered tone of voice analysis to offer the best suggestions for your content. 6. Built-in plagiarism checks to avoid duplicate content issues. 7. Free to try with an option for a quick upgrade. 8. WordPress plugin and Google Docs add-on for quick integration with these platforms. Cons: 1. The subscription limits are so tights, especially for plagiarism checks. I’m sure that most of you would choose Grammarly Premium instead of buying the extra credits from the SEMrush for plagiarism detection. 2. As an SEO writing tool, I was expecting more in-depth on-page analysis. Here Rank Math SEO plugin does a better job. 3. No option for importing keywords from the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool directly. 4. No recommendations for links and link placements under the SEO Writing Assistant directly. 5. Target word-count cannot be taken as an SEO recommendation in all cases. 6. Switching between WordPress, Google Docs, and the native SEMrush SWA editor isn’t possible. You can read more at and share your feedback.
Digital marketer
I'm late to the party, but I love it! Must have grown a lot during the last 2 years but in the last few months I've been using it, everything was fine. The only hiccup i experienced at the beginning was the link/integration among the 3 ways you can use SWA (inside SEMRush, GDoc addon, WordPress). But once i figured out the workflow and how it works, everything was fine. For new users though, I'd recommend using only 1-2 keywords that way you get to focus on the content you want to write about and get the best possible recommendations especially the semantically-related words. I liked it so much that i just published a 10-step process to creating content (using the entire content marketing toolkit).