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Get advice from a helpful human, now available in Slack.

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Hey, ProductHunters! I'm excited to be introducing Sensay for Slack to ProductHunt today. In early 2015, I met Sensay's founders, Ariel and Crystal, to think about how to grow their startup in a conversational UI category that was plagued with skepticism. For context, this was during a difficult time in America as it composed with the Ferguson unrest and riots. In a time and place where curfews were a thing, people couldn't even turn to Google to answer whether their local highway was available. This is where a product like Sensay got me excited because it transcends the informational layer that Google has attempted to create by indexing the Web. "Need to know if the Interstate 70 is open right now." Most exciting is that in some ways, Sensay is the evolution of what Google has been doing, in that it is in fact indexing people and their ability to provide hyper-local, hyper-specific recommendations on a variety of topics in ways that Google just cannot (i.e. "I need something like X, but not like Y, kinda like Z.") We often look to growth rate to indicate whether a startup has figured out what it's doing. I'm saying this because these guys didn't care that companies like Jelly were raising millions around them. They were on to something truly, truly special and recently things started taking off. Seriously taking off. As Sensay turns one year old, it looks back at the variety of companies who have entered the "conversational UI" space only to trip both feet over. The last few months were earmarked by explosive growth as Sensay delivered its 20,000,000th message, a 100% increase over the previous month as the company passed the 10M messages mark. The folks at Sensay wrote a short Medium post to go over the company's latest product in greater detail, and you can take a look at it here: One last thing: Sensay for Slack must be installed by Slack channel admins. Feel free to leave your questions or comments below. The Sensay team will be living on ProductHunt to answer personally your questions today! #sensaybot
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@eyaltoledano thanks for hunting @Sensay for Slack. We're super proud of how the community has grown and are excited to share our new bot!
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@eyaltoledano @sensay Looking super dope! Excited to give this a try :D
@jeremykovac @eyaltoledano @sensay thanks! check it out and I'd love to hear your feedback.
Excited to use this to interact with our jewelry designers. Thanks Sensay Team!
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I've had some of the most satisfying conversations on Sensay answering questions. Reminds me of the delight I had answering questions on Aardvark back in the day but times 1000. I rarely think about asking for answers on it though weirdly. Maybe putting it in my slack will help
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@jayyeh thanks Jason! Slack makes it super accessible and much more conversational. We love our bot. :)
@crystalrose we just installed your slack bot at @onunmute and I can already tell asking @sensay for help will be much more front of mind and accessible. great job πŸ™Œ πŸ’―
@jayyeh @onunmute @sensay high fives all around!
This is a great product, great work folks. Iove all the way :)
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@mollyisyou thanks! Any specific feedback on using Sensay? We love hearing from our community :)
Has been super awesome in my startup's Slack thus far. Great job!
@joshlilien thanks for being an early adopter! Do you have any feedback on your experience?