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Hello, Product Hunt 👋 We are excited to bring to you SendOut, an intuitive and affordable marketing automation made just for Bloggers, Authors and Influencers. A couple of my blogger friends were complaining about how the existing tools were complex, expensive and made for businesses with complicated setup. There were no simple tools in the market for bloggers to help increase their subscribers and engage with them. That’s when we decided to come up with SendOut, a blogger-friendly tool just for multiplying Subscribers and increasing engagement with them. Bloggers can set up their workflows with simple automations, not spend too much money and concentrate on what they set out to do - Writing. Take a test drive and tell us what you think. Also, don’t miss the ‘30% Lifetime Discount’ offered exclusively for the Product Hunt community.💰💰
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@joekuriank , how do I get the Lifetime discount ? Is still on ?
@joekuriank Sorry :). Saw now. Red over Red. Hard to see....
@paulo_andrade1 It is still on :D
SendOut is a Marketing Automation Tool to create Opt-In Forms and run email campaigns with which you can turn your Readers into Subscribers. You can segment your subscribers based on what they sign up for (blog, newsletter, E-book, etc.) and run targeted drip campaigns to notify them about your latest posts. You can automate everything with our smart automation and check the dashboard for stats about your subscribers.
One good tool that all bloggers and influencers MUST try! Helped increase my subscribers by 2X from when they released on Beta! Very easy to set up. I did the whole set up in under 45 mins and it's good value for money. Great job guys!
@surya_murali Thanks a lot Surya :)
Had the opportunity of being the customer since beta release! Sendout has been an amazing winner. Have been trying out various email tools for different companies and I personally liked Sendout for my subscribers. Intuitive layout, easy forms and unbeatable support helps the product to stand out from its competitors. Go Sendout! :)
Great job guys. Simple and easy defines it. I recommend it to all my fellow bloggers!!