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Hi I’m Chris, Director of Product on Sello. We’re launching our first app aimed at helping anyone start to sell -- it’s called Sello and it lets anyone instantly sell online, share their products with their social networks, and take credit cards and Paypal. It’s free, secure and adding a product is as easy as snapping a photo. We’re launching today in the US, UK and Canada and rolling out to other regions in the future. We can’t wait to hear what you think! :)
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@chrislobay Cool! How does it relate to people (like me!) who already have a Shopify store and are paying a monthly fee for it? This does the same thing but free, no?
@coreywstone Sello is a simple, approachable way to sell for those who are looking to start for the first time and it doesn't include the larger feature set that makes Shopify perfect for businesses. We look at it like this: Sello is for people, Shopify is for businesses. Both focus on making different segments of users successful.
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@chrislobay App looks great. Loved how you are taking "selling X online" to newer levels. All the best! :)
@chrislobay any plans to have a marketplace component? This format would great for quickly getting rid of things around the home if you didn't have to share it yourself... Realise this might not be the target customer though 😉
Hi @chrislobay - Sello looks awesome. Onboarding was super fast and I'm ready to go in a minute (just need to decide what I'm selling!) What have you learned about how people sell on Shopify that is now incorporated in Sello?
@darynakulya Great question! We've learned that even the idea of starting to sell is intimidating for many people -- the investment of time, investment of money and uncertainty of success are big barriers to entry. That, and selling to your social following is a great way to generate your first sales.
@chrislobay @darynakulya i was about to ask the same question. It sounds to me as a "beginner for online sales" version of Shopify. Uncertainty of success for a beginner is a key factor for Sello to get traction. I wish this could've long before :)
@chrislobay great product and launch. What is the business model? Does shopify make money off of this or is it just a gateway product to full fledged shopify? Also when signing up to accept payments I see that it asks for a 'Business Address', does this assume or make anyone who is selling a business? Does it report income or generate a 1099?
Hey @chrislobay congrats on the launch, really love the simplicity of the app and onboarding was lightning fast! Would I be able to embed any products I list on my Sello store on another wordpress website for example? Also any plans to allow sellers to customize their store url to "" rather than "" and maybe even a few neat options to customize the layout of the store (colors, alignment, size of photos etc)?
It's quite ironic to launch an app with the Tagline "Sello lets you sell anything to anyone, anywhere" only in limited regions 😜 Anyway: Hoping to get my hands on it soon....
@onatcer Really appreciate your interest! Our launch is limited, but we looking to expand to more regions in the future.