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FOREIGNRAP exists to shine a light on international urban music. We are a team of music enthusiasts curating the best hip-hip from around the globe, for free.

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We're aware of 2 technologies that FOREIGNRAP is built with. FOREIGNRAP utilizes products like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics in their tech stack

Recent launches

Foreignrap 2.0
It’s a VHS inspired crazy website full of international rap music videos, from Norway to Japan. Foreignrap instantly connects you with the best rap music from around the world, for free.
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Foreignrap for Apple TV

Foreignrap offers you a whole new experience of discovering and enjoying music television. We've created a curated list of rap videos from all over the globe that you can easily explore. Whether you like to hangout in your own country or travel the world, Foreignrap is the best way to enjoy rap music on your TV.

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