The premium robot photo booth

Selfiebot is a robotic platform enabling organisers to take their events to next level.

Roaming amongst the crowd at events, the 6 ft robot surprises and delights with fully customisable speech interacting with guests through brand tailored personality. Selfie bot comes with three apps to help you make events awesome.

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6 Reviews4.2/5
No pricing unless inquired? eh.. wish there was some sort of range of pricing without having to fill out the form.
@mastemine Hi Logan, we have different pricing structures depending on the country because we partner with several distributors. Where are you based? thanks
Is there a future when we will start seeing these in every home? 🤔
Well thought out and executed, and just cool.
@michael_thomas4 Thanks Michael for your support!
Looks useful for a typical networking event/party! 😃 How does the robot share photos with you?
@zelena Thanks Elena, the photos are sent via email or SMS and instantly printed
On the surface, this sounds kind of silly tbh but I'm sure it's actually quite useful. I'd use this at the next big Product Hunt event.
@rrhoover Thanks for your feedback and support Ryan. We would love to bring a Selfiebot to your next event!