Search Grader by Algolia

A free tool to evaluate your product's search experience

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Hey Hunters, Really excited today to share the Search Grader by Algolia with you! It’s a free tool that helps you evaluate your product's search bar experience. Each user receives a customized report full of tips and material to help you understand what makes for a great search experience in terms of speed, relevance & design. We just spent last week at the Web Summit in Lisbon doing hands-on testing and we’re excited to make this available today to the ProductHunt community. It breaks down everything we’ve learned by powering billions of searches each month working with 2,000+ customers in 100+ countries, and we’re excited to make this available to you today! Props to our design team, especially @kevin_granger for putting this together - what started as a pet project became something the whole Algolia team got behind, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! Feedback is welcome - we’ll be answering your questions below, so don’t be shy!
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@dessaigne great work @kevin_granger and team. I keep seeing these great "side projects" spinning out. Will check it out. Out of interest, does this call back to Algolia? As in building up your raw data on search performance across the web while also giving people an insight into their own benchmark results?
@davedri @dessaigne Hey David, thanks! We are always learning from the data that we collect to build a better tool. This is really a first version and we'll refine the content and points attribution to be more accurate regarding the results. Also we were planning to add some automatic evaluation in parallel, stay plugged.
@dessaigne @kevin_granger thanks for making this! Very useful to our site which relies heavily on the search bar experience. Great work. ;)
As per my first tests, it's seems more an "how to improve your search bar experience" step-by-step Guide than an automated evaluation tool but still, it is full of very, very precious & detailed resources 💪 Everyone should take a look at it 👀 Congrats on making it guys 👏
Interesting tool based on our own opinion of our search tool, it could be great to have an analysis made automatically, for the speed for instance.
@mtaieb For sure! It's surprisingly difficult to evaluate search speed. So many variables to determine - this has been a useful way for us to give users the tools they need to understand whether their search is fast enough today, but we could definitely consider going one step further and automatically analyzing your search bar speed