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I don't wear cologne and I'm sure part of the reason why is the hassle in trying to find one that you (and others) actually enjoy while probably paying a ridiculous amount to buy a big bottle. This is interesting to me in that it's low risk and low stress, will give it a try! Not sure about the tagline 'Dollar Shave Club for Cologne', feels like it cheapens this a bit.
@anthonymarnell Thank you for the comment, Anthony! You are right, Dollar Shave club doesn't have the luxury aura to it, but gets a point across fast :) I am so happy you find this useful. A lot of people find scents hard to shop for, because everything smells the same after you sniff three of them in a row. Don't forget to enter the discount code at checkout if you indeed decide to give us a try! Would hate for fellow ProductHunters to pay the full price.
Why dont we have anything like this in Europe? :( cool idea! good luck
You really have to wear a cologne/perfume to see how it mixes with your body chemistry. This service would be a great way to test many scents before choosing the best for you.
@jacqvon Thank you for the kind words, I couldn't have said this better myself.
@mariyanuri @jacqvon agree different strokes for different folks good way to test the waters
I just bought my subscription. Let's face it, I always smell good but I want to smell even better :) Team, great job. The on-boarding experience was easy, simple, and made me feel good.
@irvingtorresyc Welcome to the club! We are so happy to have you :) And thank you for the kind words - means a lot.
@mariyanuri Thank you so much. I'm very excited. Congrats on your launch and on the success that I think is inevitable at this point. I'm looking forward to big things from you and the team.
Not very clear about what size/volume of cologne comes with the subscription (What does "generous", 120 "sprays" mean?). It's selling me more about why I should use cologne and less of why Scentbird is a better deal. Hesitant to try. Might revisit.
@manikarthik Hi Mani, great question! The size is 8ml / 0.27 fl oz. Most colognes don't come in a small, travel-size form, but if they do, they range from $24 to $37 for the same amount of scent.
@mariyanuri @manikarthik Thanks Mariya, that clarifies it.