Sandbox VR 2.0

Your neighborhood holodeck, refined.

#3 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2019
Sandbox is the closest thing to the holodeck from Star Trek that exists. Sandbox 2.0 elevates every aspect of the experience for our guests - from upgraded hardware, new experiences (esports, Star Trek), to brand new retail technology and design.
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Sandbox is finally in downtown SF! The Sandbox experience is a full-body VR experience that we've been dreaming of since the days of Star Trek. Through our motion capture and virtual reality technology, you're fully immersed and mapped head to toe, 1:1. Last year, I mentioned that we're working on an esports experience - this is now soft launched as the Unbound Fighting League (UFL) ⚔️. It's like Street Fighter in real life. These original experiences are built by veterans from AAA studios like Ubisoft, EA, and Sony. You can now find us in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Mateo, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macau, and Singapore. 🔜 Austin, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Orange County, San Diego, and Toronto! Ask us anything!
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@blader had so much fun @ your sf location. really excited to try out the new experiences!
@blader When can we expect to see this in the UK?
@blader Any plans to expand to anyplace Europe anytime soonish? I really hate long-distance flying xD
@blader — two questions: 1) how does the team evaluate new storylines for game play? The Star Trek experience is an obvious step for Sandbox VR given the inspiration, but I'm sure licensing + other factors held you back (perhaps wanting better hardware than v1 to do the experience justice?). 2) what's the plan to figure out how many VR rooms to spin up for each city given the density of players. E.g., Chuck E. Cheese and others overestimated demand and overbuilt in many cities to handle initial excitement.
@gaetano_de_luca Hopefully next year! Working on it!
The Star Trek experience was truly amazing, and not just because I am a trekkie. Being able to hang out with my friends and be transported to a totally different place all together was one of the funnest things I've ever done, and I know I'll be back!
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The experience is already unmatched and it's just the beginning. Can't wait to see how this continues to evolve and delight people young & old. This is going to be core to the 21st century amusement park.
Remember that feeling when you went to Disneyland or Universal Studios for the first time? You really wanted to see dinosaurs, feel like you were going back in time, or just get excited with your friends to interact with imaginary characters. Well, it's here albeit with a Street-Fighter-like game, Star Trek, Zombies, and Pirates. I have played all the experiences and I was most impressed with the new UFL game - it's honestly unlike anything I've ever done. You're taking on a real physical opponent in digital space, but it's not dangerous and yet at the same time gets your adrenaline pumping as if you stepped into a boxing ring. And yes... your well-honed PC/console gaming skills translate really well to performance in these games! Unlike their flagship format of Deadwood Mansion (which I love), you really see how different formats of games occur in Sandbox and I'm very excited to see what else starts to appear.
It's the new amusement park. Everyone I went with loved it; truly remarkable execution. It really helped me understand what VR can be.