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Spatial video-chat worlds for work and play
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Kyle Trusler


Love the experience with gather. I think it'll be a requirement for new hires to be in the "office" as it's a boon to remote work. It's insanely easy to invite "guests" over to the office for a quick chat as well. Thanks for building this! Would recommend.

Danielle Daltrozo
IT student based in Florianópolis, Br.
1 review
I've been using gather for a while and I love this app. It's my current office!

Arthur Pires
2 reviews
Changed from 25 to 10 users in free plan overnight... Now I have to quit due to unexpected cost

Dzaky Waly
a UI Designer based in Surabaya
2 reviews
It is good and make my remote teams feels like work onsite. As we could easily hop in to one another. The thing is, sometimes voice chat is missing and I couldn't hear my team talking when we are inside "meeting room". We had to disconnect and connect again so we could hear what others are talking

Bianca Coscia
Marketing Manager
7 reviews
I use it almost daily as a virtual office for my team, it's really nice and easy to have meetings in it

Ilse Frutos
Hey I’m a passionate for new development
1 review
It really helped to make meetings more fun. What I don't like is that sometimes it has bugs in the edition, so the changes are not saved. But overall is a great tool for remote offices.

Camilla Sanches Falarini
3 reviews
I really love Gather, it's the best place to have meetings, it's easy and really cool!! :)

César Gómez
Designer and Film production
2 reviews
Its amazing

Harris Kaldis
1 review
It is a must for remote teams

Juan Esteban
Electronics Engineer. Code and coffee
1 review
Awesome for remote work