Safe by Density

Set, display, and monitor the maximum capacity for any space

Safe is designed to help re-open buildings sooner and keep teams, employees, and visitors safe without invading privacy. Made with <3 by Density.
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Very proud of this launch.
This is a pretty sick product. Well done! Looking forward to seeing this in the wild. Now, can you please make a drive-through version for In-n-out? 🤣
@corymacvie Definitely. Will email them stat :)
This is really interesting! ?makers would this work on any display? I can imagine this also be useful in tracking smaller occupancy for both social distancing and daily life, tracking how many users are in a meeting room and showing whether it's been booked or not.
@calum Yep. Safe Display is designed as a responsive web application. So fire up a browser on any digital signage and it'll adjust the window. Alerts are done through SMS or our native mobile application. And then we give accounts access to a real-time API so they can embed data into their own systems. The system was designed to be as extensible as possible.
Wow, this is quite cool. I hadn't even thought about how every space in every office is now going to need to be monitored for density, and communicated in real time to every other employee before they enter. Can you share a bit about how companies are planning to use this?
@delk Totally, the safe return to space introduces new requirements for understanding space (and necessitates some new applications). The core solutions that customers are deploying are: * Realtime occupancy (go / wait based on customizable capacity logic) displayed at the threshold of a space for occupants to self regulate. For example, Amazon Warehouses are displaying this on screens outside their previously-unregulated break rooms, enabling employees to know whether it's safe to enter. * Capacity / usage alerts sent to building managers and cleaning staff to monitor and act based on actual usage. For example, cleaning staffs set up alerts such as "text me every time 20 guests have used this restroom". * Building-level analytics surrounding the safe use of space that inform staffing / safety protocol tweaks. These are built on top of our Sensor / API platform, we're excited about the integrations and applications customers are building as well.
This seems like it could be helpful on external surfaces as guidance for entering stores as well
@raza_padhani Yes. We think being transparent with customers / employees / visitors about how much space there is will allow them to self-regulate. A lot of camera systems are trying to monitor when people are too close to one another or not wearing a mask. We think that's unnecessary. People are smart and ought be allowed to make their own decisions about safety. They just need accurate data.