SaaS Funding Napkin 2019

What does it take to raise capital, in SaaS, in 2019?

(Almost) everything you need to know about raising capital for SaaS, in 2019, on a napkin.
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Hi there, Christoph here, maker of the (in)famous SaaS napkin. Looking forward to your feedback!
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@chrija Thanks so much for updating this napkin. So useful for Saas founders 🤗
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@chrija Hi Christoph - - MRR for Seed is now a wider range, already starting at 0 (before it was around 0.1m) - Valuation went up significantly as did round size any comments on this? what are the drivers? better startups, more money, ...?
@chrija I'd love to know what would your pre-seed column look like?
I'm an avid user of your early SaaS Spreadsheets you shared on the blog. Lately I've seen a lot of first time SaaS founders have irrational ideas around fundraising, so this is really a wake up call for them.
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Great update! Thanks :)
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Love the last slide. Appropriately savage :D
Is it indicative for Europe too?