Create a room for whatever you're into (by Facebook)

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Hey guys! Sorry for the app store issues. Trying our best with Apple to figure out what's up. In the meantime, think my deep-dive Q&A with TechCrunch gives you some good background on Rooms (warning: product nerd alert). What's up? Any questions?
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@joshm I'd love to hear how you guys came up with the combo QR/screenshot idea to access rooms
@joshm Thanks for the update, let me know if you want to work with me on adding Rooms to so people can have a better view on how the app works in the meantime :)
@zackshapiro Basically, we realized that the web would not have existed without linking. That's how people discovered things – you'd get linked to it, or know the link URL yourself. We needed to replicate that, but copy-and-pasting a URL is a cumbersome process on mobile (we tried with Potluck) and even if you do that you have to wait for a mobile web page to load. It sucks. So we thought, if URLs were the easiest thing to share on a desktop computer, what's the easiest thing to share on a phone? Photos! You can share photos everywhere, in any app. It's just as flexible and portable as a link was on the web. And screenshotting seemed like the phone's equivalent of control c, control v. On top of that, the QR code technology meant we could automatically do the work for users without any work on their part... or even knowing what a QR code is. It just magically works, which felt cool.
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@joshm That's awesome. I can see this being adopted across a lot of apps like pull to refresh
@zackshapiro I hope so! That would mean a lot to me. We need to reinvent the URL for mobile, and I think photo-based linking makes a lot of sense – in our app, and others.
@rrhoover @joshm Was about to post this! haha
@rrhoover @joshm Checking it out now. Been some great apps released lately. edit: Getting a download error.
@thinker @rrhoover @joshm I wanted to post it but I had already hit my quota for the day! One of those times where I wish I didn't empty my clip so early!
@rrhoover @joshm @joshconstine @hamburger @carmeldea @ajs Somehow, I was able to download it. I created a room for San Francisco folks to share stuff and just tweeted the QR code invite: Hopefully you all can join soon! :D
@rrhoover Where's the Product Hunt room?
@nbashaw getting the same message. :/
@nbashaw Seems to be working now!
@danlev @nbashaw not for me. I really wanted to try it out... :(
"If links were the easiest on web, photos are easiest on phone". I love that quote. What an impressively out of the box idea.
@taykcrane Thanks man!
So this is kind of like micro facebook reddit? The interaction to join rooms is really interesting. One - you share a room by sending a picture of the QR code to friends. Two - Rooms, since it has access to your photos, automatically adds that room for you. Instantly. I like how this can foster secret and exclusive groups among people. Somewhere between Secret and Facebook. EDIT: The "Nom" buttom on Noms from Above is just fantastic
@eric3000 To me this also sounds more like a Reddit move than a Secret move. Love the messaging around the release, but I find it really hard to support any technology that is still trying to leverage QR codes...
@colbyh I think the difference is that it's not "Stop everything, take your phone out, download a QR app, open QR app and snap a picture of this QR code." It's "take a screenshot of a qr code OR have a friend send a picture of a QR code". It's one step vs. many, which makes it interesting.
@eric3000 @colbyh Better than the alternative, I'll grant, but there are a million ways to generate secure images.