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I typically use whiteboards to keep track of the progress of my development sprints, but neat visualization tools like this can be pretty helpful too. This new startup's product looks kind of like a pretty mix of Trello, Basecamp and (dare I say) Excel. It's probably worth a try for any product/dev people looking to create roadmaps of their projects!
@Yair We currently only support Chrome which allows us to build features at 3x and scale quickly for our users :) In due time we will expand to other browers.
This looks really good, but the pricing is not really sustainable in my opinion. Your target is usually PMs and viewers. Getting a team on this seems unlikely as you only need to create once and adjust. Great start though! How, if you don't mind sharing, did you land on the pricing?
@CedFunches Thanks for the feedback. We are going to introduce a reviewer mode option, that will come in at a much cheaper price point. Our pricing went through many iterations and I'm happy to chat offline exactly how we concluded on it. (hit me up at latif@roadmunk.com)
@roadmunk @latifnanji nice. I'm sure you and your team have gone thru it a bit internally, just curious as I see so many waiting too late to adjust their pricing down into the realm of actual user adoption. :) Would love to chat. I'll email you.
@mimurchison Wanted to try this, but it seems to only support Chrome. Will there be a build for Safari?
Just signed up and appreciated the onboarding experience. One thing I found interesting is that the tutorial demos importing a timeline from a csv file. Is this the dominant use case currently or merely a feature you were looking to highlight?
@mimurchison We notice an equal split between different views (Swimlane or Timeline) -- in the 'release roadmap' example via the tutorial, it would have created a swimlane instead of a timeline . Alternatively, if you go the swimlane view, just hit 'plot all items' and you've got yourself a swimlane view... best of both worlds :)