Roadmaps for Epics

Easily define and visualize your key product initiatives

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It is great to see this featured here on Product Hunt. A lot of work went into this over the last few months. I think you will see that it is certainly a powerful new capability and makes it much easier to manage and deliver bigger work items. Many product teams call these items epics and others might refer to them as themes. You can now use Aha! to group together multiple features that span across many sprints and releases. Think of this as an option for work that is bigger than an individual feature but not as sweeping as a product-wide strategic initiative. Here are a few common use cases: - Your team is agile and you are looking for epics to group your stories. - Your team builds large features which span across several releases and you want a way to put them on a roadmap and track them. - Your team currently uses strategic initiatives in Aha! to group features, but you would rather keep those for more strategic themes. If any of the above sounds familiar, then you will love this new feature and want to check it out today.
@optimizethis Thanks for sharing! Is this rolling out to existing clients today? I don't see it yet. Or how do I enable it?
@morrjobs Yes indeed, this is available now. You will need to enable it under Product Settings. We did a full write up on the blog:
@morrjobs See Keith's comments above and let us know what you think after you enable it.
Something I always look for with roadmaps and never find but is soooo easy = color code weekends! It makes it so much easier to chunk out weeks of work!
@begraffic We find that this is important to some teams. It is possible to hide and show weekends on our Releases and Strategy roadmaps. You can check out a recent write up on that functionality here --
@bdehaaff Aha! Thanks Brian!