Revealer by Etools is designed to help you find the relevant contact emails behind any domain - especially the hard-to-reach ones.

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EDIT: As of January, 2018, Etools has been acquired by The Latka Agency. We're gonna be chasing a new, bigger goal, so you'll hear from us soon! <3 Hiten, thank you for the hunt! Hello Hunters! Shadi from Etools here! :) We are super excited to see our product finally here. The team (a big hug for them) and I have been working on Etools for over 2 years now to make it the best solution for uncovering emails behind any domain - especially the hard-to-reach ones. We combine the following sources in order to find the emails: - Real-time & archived scraping of the website and its relevant social profiles. - Real-time & archived scraping of Whois and other DNS data. - Email-fuzzing (guessing common patterns). - Our database from scraping over 300M pages/month from around the web! - Detecting other domains that are also owned by the same person/organisation. If you have ANY question or feedback, please don’t hesitate, I’d LOVE to hear them!
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@shadihalloun I usually use for the same. I don't know all the features but I think they don't have 3 and 5 mentioned above. What's your take?
@neelabh2006 I expected that one :D We actually love what Francois and Antonie have built at Hunter and we’re grateful to have them as a “competition”. I think we have a different focus, tho - Our Revealer is more focused on hard-to-reach websites (blogs, smaller and niche websites, etc). That's why, as you mentioned we use more sources, like 2, 3, and 5 above.
@shadihalloun Just checked a domain for which I couldn't find an email with Hunter. Found it with Etools. Test case - An indie app dev I wanted to approach :)
This tool will help you find email addresses based on a domain name. You can do 50 queries per month for free. Check it out, ask the team anything you are curious about too!

now sure how it differs from or


nice interface and I like extra data it provides


so far everything is good

Hey Shadi. Great stuff! Could you please share the success rate for the emails mined by Etools (what % is def valid on average)?
@vovasanin the color of the envelopes in the results next to the email addresses indicates how likely it is that the email is responsive. We're actually using AI in order to improve the scoring (maybe we should've mentioned that in the tagline 😜).
The automatic email verification feature on Gmail is amazing! Super easy to use and very helpful. Well done guys :)
@tomer_aharon thank you Tomer! :)