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#1 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2019
It's 2 a.m. and you’re tossing and turning. You look at the clock. Another 30 minutes have gone by, and still not a wink of shut-eye. Restly is based on a secret military method of falling asleep within 2 minutes is field-tested by pilots. Sweet dreams 💤
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Any plans for Android?
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@inshaal sure! We are looking for an android developer and want to make all of our apps for Android. 🤖
@inshaal @aleksandr_lanin Let me know if I could be of any help, I am senior Android developer with 6 years of experience
@inshaal @aleksandr_lanin don't want to be mean, but I don't see why people do not start with both platforms. It's like developing a desktop app ONLY for Ubuntu 18.04 and sending a big F* you by saying that the others will came next. 🤔 If I see your product a second time with an Android version, I may upvote it then but for now, it's a no.
@inshaal @aleksandr_lanin @kissu_io it costs money and time to develop 2 apps. It's possible to use something like React Native, but there are legitimate reasons not to. So really I think it's a big F*** you from you to the creators for no good reason
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@inshaal @kissu_io I do understand your frustration but it’s been only a couple of months since my team and I started to work in app development. I am looking for an android developer too but it appeared really hard to find one. While looking for a good match, only for a couple of months we have launched 19 apps. Most of them are health-related. So I believe I am on the right path of trying to provide people with high quality products that can actually change their lives for the better. Even though they are available only on one platform FOR NOW. Anyway, stay tuned!:)
Hey PH! 🐱‍👓 If you are acquainted with my products you know that my company focuses on healthy habits, mindfulness, and productivity. Restly is a beautifully designed app based on a secret military method that helps you fall asleep within 2 minutes. I bet you had trouble falling asleep. Well, we’ve all been there. Its 2 a.m. and you’re tossing and turning. Every time you look at the clock, another 30 minutes have gone by and still not a wink of shut-eye. How can Restly help? 💤 Voice guidance 🗣 Male and female voices will guide you through the journey of falling asleep in 2 minutes. Relax your mind and body. Calming sounds 🗻 Different sounds can be combined with voice records as a background to make it even easier to fall asleep. Smart alarm clock⏰ The app will calculate when you should go to bed and wake up based on sleep cycles. Feel fresh and energetic every morning! Sleeping timer⏲ The timer turns the music off itself so you do not have to monitor it. By that time you will be asleep anyway. Statistics📊 Keep track of your sleep improvement progress. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. ⬆️Learn more about the app on the App Store. You can use it with basic features and subscribe to Premium to get more sounds and use the smart alarm! Let me know your thoughts and whether you have tried any sleeping techniques before! Sweet dreams💖
@aleksandr_lanin paid app with iAP subscription?
@peppereddirt hello Marin! Sorry for any confusion. My comment was already there when we did not add iAP yet. It’s free and you can use the basic functions of the app, there are some cool features such as smart alarm and more background sounds! Let me know if you have any questions:)
If this really works as described then huge thanks
@csaba_kissi you should try it for sure! Worked for me and my team. Let me know your experience once you try it:)
Why would products focused on mindfulness/productivity will always start with iOS 😅😅
@raunak978 actually I did not plan on doing it for iOS intentionally:) I just have a friend who is an iOS developer, and we decided to give it a shot! The team is bigger now and I really work hard on hiring android developers too! Will do my best to start 2020 with discovering android development 🤖😍
Really great app. After a hard day, it helps to relax and fall asleep quickly.