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Show about the internet hosted by PJ Vogt & Alex Goldman

Reply All is a podcast about the Internet, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, who launched the show in 2014. Our show is downloaded around 3.5 million times per month.

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Hi there - My name is Alex Goldman and I'm one of the hosts of reply all. Thanks for posting this! If you have any questions for me, let me know!
This is the second show of Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg's podcasting company that brought you StartUp.
@marckohlbrugge I was about to press play on the first episode :)
I used to listed to TLDR. I wondered why it stopped. Now I know! These guys talk about really interesting stories each week like what it's like to be a black women on the internet. Excited for the rebrand and relaunch on Gimlet.
@agoldmund For people that aren't familiar with TLDR and/or Startup, what should they know about the show? Why tune in? Listening to the first episode right now!
@thomasmeagher Thanks for the mention, Thomas - So what people should know about the show is that it's about the internet, but it's not about technology. It's about the people that power the internet, and the interactions people have through this new medium. Why tune in? Because we're telling stories you aren't going to hear anywhere else about a world that we all live in now. We try to look at unexplored corners of the internet and look at internet history in a way that other people don't.
@agoldmund I'm sold on that. Lots of people share stories about technology and never mention the human element. From the TLDR episodes I've listened to (great episode:, you two are really good at finding the "people that power the internet" stories.