Remote Year: Four-Month Experience

Work and explore the world with a vibrant global community

Remote Year brings groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work in different cities around the world for a month each. The same life changing experience, but it's four months instead of an entire year.

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Alan HouserFounder - Designer at Squareflair
@raynes_cc would be fantastic for single kids. I’m quite jealous.
J. Alexander Curtis
Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@raynes_cc I agree, I looked at it and it looked great. But thats a lot of money, especially considering most of the countries they operate in. $2,000 a month can go an extremely long way in most of these countries (colombia, peru, bulgaria, vietnam, morroco, etc). It would be cool to have a option where you just pay a smaller fee to be part of the community aspect of it, while managing accommodations and travel expenses yourself. To me that business model is more appealing.
@raynes_cc hey Andrew, we are doing a coworking & coworking surf retreat that is cheaper. Our first retreat is in January 2018: