Relax in the Fantasy

Relieve stress through mixing ambient sounds

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Hello everyone, Aware of the dangers of stress in your life and it's important that no one can renounce stress life. Relaf was born, we are a team of researching about stress and how to relieve stress in the modern life. Through years of research and find out the methods we realize the music is an indispensable catalyst for human development can prevent stress induced uncontrollable consequences in life. Relaf was born with the aim of being a catalyst for life, bring joys. The application will help you control and minimize the stress everyday, more focus on the job. ------- below is short app description ---- Your life is full of stress, you are facing with too much pressure? Good news! We have created an amazing app which will help you overcome all tiredness and stress: Relax in the Fantasy FREE ! With hundreds of Ambient sounds to be updated every week, all the stress will stop bothering you. And then you will realize that your work and health have been improved in less than no time without using any kind of vitamin. Let your creativity fly and mix different Ambient sounds together to make your own sonatas which remind you of free and relaxed moment with Relax in the Fantasy. Relaf is not simply for fun but also aims at studying stress-related issues and assembling all the sounds which may help you feel happy. If you have any idea or requirement to improve Relaf, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to your comments soonest possible. Follow us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at Email support: P/S: we will bringing android version soon! Have a nice day, Loi
@hoangloi can I upvote this a 100 times? Seriously as the mom of an autistic son, products like these are lifesavers for both he and I!
@awesomismmom oh! This is my story : my friend have an autistic son, too. First time I used sounds for his class. And I got something better for autistic child. Ideally for me make this app. I hope we will see some genius ;)
@hoangloi thank you for caring and sharing your vision to help so many!
Hey! Like the idea but I currently use Noizio and gave your app a shot just there but took me a while to workout how listen to anything, there seems to be a tonne of ads on the app I kept pressing by mistake, the UI could be cleaned up. Great job though, you have some interesting sounds and a large library. All the best
@thisdickie yeah! I like Noizio, too. also Great thanks for try using app. I will update every week sounds in app. UI was clean but Apple think I copy IOS home and I do it more worse they approve my app. I'm trying remake something and will more better in next version.
@thisdickie I updated design in app. please have a look. is it better?
Your app icon doesn't seem to match the app UI very much. They seem to be two very different styles, seeing the app icon and then the UI was a bit jarring.
Which language do you use? choose your language and we will apply to new update with some languages.