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Welcome, Product Hunters! One year ago we launched Refind here on Product Hunt. Refind is a community of hipsters, hackers, and hustlers who discover, save, and read what’s really worth their attention. Refind is growing and today we’re launching Refind for Writers, an opportunity for writers to reach our community. HOW IT WORKS - Users follow people and interests to get today’s top links in their feed. - Now they can also follow their favorite writers. - Writers publish their content on their site: on their Medium, WordPress blog, or whatever. - Their links get imported automatically via Twitter. - Writers and their links get featured and recommended to matching users. - Users read, save, and share the stories on Twitter and Facebook. WHO’S ALREADY ON BOARD - People like Ryan Hoover @rrhoover, Chris Messina @chrismessina, Nir Eyal @nireyal, Dan Ariely @danariely, Rand Fishkin @randfish, Hiten Shah @hnshah, John Battelle @johnbattelle, M.G. Siegler @mgsiegler, Werner Vogels @Werner, Tobias van Schneider @vanschneider, Gabriel Weinberg @yegg, Christoph Janz @chrija, etc. - Publications like The Next Web, Quartz, Buffer, Moz, NewCo, NZZ, etc. - Here’s the full list: https://refind.com/i/following/w... ARE YOU A WRITER? Get on board now: 1. Sign up for Refind here: https://refind.com/dominikg/invi... 2. Auto-import your links from Twitter: in the onboarding or in the settings https://refind.com/i/import 3. Request the writer badge: https://refind.com/writer NOT A WRITER? Use this invite https://refind.com/dominikg/invi... to join our community. If you have any questions, reach out to us in the comments or by email: hello@refind.com Thanks for your interest! Dominik
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@dominikg The link for the full list of writers isn't working. Where can I find it? Ps. it's WordPress with a capital P.
@dominikg @refind Hi Dom, been using Refind for a few months now and quite keen to start utilising it for my own content that I typically publish to Medium and other sites. I have a series of tongue in cheek posts/articles that I tend to do once a quarter on the "state" of marketing under a pseudonym within various digital professional circles. In regards to the kind of articles you're looking to feature is it all serious help you're looking for or does the humorous fluff have a home there too? I tend to bundle one or two actual tips in there in where I call out the bad tips and advice that you typically get from those trying to jump on the buzzword bandwagon. Long question short, is that kind of content welcome there too?
@dominikg Put me on the list! :)
I've been super impressed by @dominkg's relentless pace of execution on Refind. He and I have a casual collaboration going back to the start of Refind, and he keeps surprising me with great ideas and approaches to the problem of surfacing the best stuff to read from across the web, making it easy and practical to consume it (i.e. with Read Soon), and then making it easy to rediscover these links when you're looking for them (i.e. by integrating into Google Search results with the Refind Chrome extension). Now he's providing features to give writers the chance to reach the Refind audience, aggregating their best content (i.e. that which is worthy of being promoted on Twitter) and surfacing it to their Refind followers. It's a smart and more personal answer to Pocket's more general interest-based discovery feature. You can use my invite link to sign up and follow me: https://refind.com/chrismessina/...
I just love that hipster is a now branded as a professional category :)
Signing up as a writer right away. Have loved Refind till now, can't wait to see how this iteration evolves. Cheers!
Brilliantly made, I love the UX of the web app and onboarding flow. One issue I would like to point to @dominikg is regarding the neatness of "tags"/"interests". For example, I followed "react", so it recommended "reactjs" to me too, which I think broadly should be one interest so we're not introducing too much clutter -- are you planning to tackle this?
@abdussamit Yes, tag normalization is on our radar!
@dominikg Sounds great! Using it right now.