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ash bhoopathyHunter@ashbhoopathy · partner, lab
Wow, I didn't realize Rebls wasn't on ProductHunt yet! Bryan is a friend who's been working on a really badly needed product in Seattle - "Manufacturing" real estate inventory. In really hot real estate markets like Seattle, NYC, and SF... there's a huge need for inventory to be created. Rebls (which stands for Real Estate Buyers Listing Service) is making all that possible by allowing people to "soft list" their homes in an informal way before even talking to a real estate agent. If there's enough interest in the property, they can use more formal transactional channels to sell their home. Think Zillow's "Make Me Move" but one giant step better because these sellers have done the work to actually list their property -- so they're a lot more motivated.
Ryan J Negri@ryannegri · Co-Founder & CEO, Laicos Cloud
These guys are great. Such a great team of intelligent people. It's going to be exciting to watch them grow.
Bryan CopleyMaker@rybanc · CEO, Co-founder at CityBldr
@ryannegri Thanks for your support, Ryan!
Mark Sandeno@markgustav
Cool, Rebls shows up! I've been a beta user for a bit and took advantage of the opportunity to promote my home in the way I wanted to. I'm not planning to sell anytime soon but I liked the idea of owning at least a piece of my home's rep on the internet. IMO, most real estate listings on the trafficked properties read like a piece of dried whole grain left under Grandma's couch but shadowboxed after the fact as a "rare jewel". My profile:
Bryan CopleyMaker@rybanc · CEO, Co-founder at CityBldr
@markgustav Your "What I love about my home" is one of my favorites, Mark. Thanks for sharing, and for your support of Rebls!
Bryan CopleyMaker@rybanc · CEO, Co-founder at CityBldr
Thanks for the intro, Ash. Hello, Product Hunt! I'm Bryan Copley, CEO/Founder at Rebls, and our mission is to create the most delightful, empowering real estate experience in the world. We're a team of six, and launched our beta in the Seattle area Oct 1. Eager to answer any questions, and would love any/all feedback on the product. Jeff White, our Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer, is online as well. AMA!
Kyle Matthews@kylematthews · Co-Founder, Laicos
Big fan of the team at Rebls! Can't wait to watch this grow.
Bryan CopleyMaker@rybanc · CEO, Co-founder at CityBldr
@kylematthews Thanks for the support Kyle!