See exactly what users see, not just where they click!

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Adam Cellary
@acellary · I love to engage in crazy projects!
Hi David, thanks for hunting RealEye! I was working hard for past several months to deliver the product as it is and now I’m hoping for a feedback from you guys! Thanks to webcam eye-tracking software you are able to follow your user’s eyes and see exactly what they see while looking at your website. Combine this data with heat maps and analytics and now y… See more
Artur Arseniev
@artur_arseniev · Creator of GrapesJS
Really cool 👍 By the way, for anyone interested in the technology behind this product, you can find it here https://github.com/brownhci/WebG...
Artem Goldman
@goldman_artem · CEO Visabot http://visabot.co/
Love it! Who will be your best customer?
Michael A.
@micalaua · Designer
https://www.realeyesit.com/ Hey, great product! These guys seem to be providing a similar service to yours and have a similar name, are you related in any way?
Scott Bowler
@scottbowler · DCS Worldwide
From a privacy angle, what do you do with the face recordings? Are they instantly deleted once analysed or do you store them somewhere?