React-InstantSearch by Algolia

The easiest way to add lightning-fast search to React apps

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Hey hunters, We are super excited to announce react-instantsearch by Algolia, our first ever react library for Algolia. We received a lot of feedback in the past year after our launch of instantsearch.js (, which currently powers hundreds of websites around the world. With react-instantsearch, we went beyond packaging the Algolia API inside of react. We took a different approach, decoupling the search logic from the UI and exposing it to you. This makes it easy to reimplement any search widget the way you want without needing to understand the ins and outs of the Algolia API. You can read our full blog post on our approach to React here: We're excited to get feedback from the PH community - especially all your React fans - and we look forward to improving react-instantsearch in the coming months! Feel free to comment below with questions or feedback! -Nico D.
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@dessaigne first off, love your product. Been using it on and off for almost 2 years. Are there plans to extend this library to support react-native?
@arilitan @dessaigne We are actually compatible with react-native too! There's a guide here: I updated the blog post to reflect that early on.
Having used Algolia for the past 2 years, I can say that it's one of those developer products that's on a tier of its own. It easily has the fastest API I've ever used, and is super simple & straightforward to setup. ๐Ÿ™Œ
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Awesome I can use this for my Product Hunt Mention extension ๐Ÿ‘
Looking forward to try this !