Making research services accessible to everyone

Spending a lot of time with desk research? Let Ravenry do the heavy lifting!
- Create custom sales proposal
- Find market specific insights
- Generate new leads
Pay-per-use and monthly plans; 48 hours turnaround; Unlimited revisions; Money back guarantee!
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@rickyw , I am bullish on this - this looks like a massive time and cost saver. These sorts of reports are grad level/junior analyst level questions at large advisory companies. Are you aiming to sell Ravenry to professional service firms (I see Deloitte on your website) or industry (I see Toshiba on your website) or both? Would love to hear how you are targeting this and how it fits in your customers’ workflow.
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Hey @liam_roberts thanks for the comment! Short answer is we work with both. We initially only worked with consulting teams but realised many people (entrepreneurs, product managers, marketeers) actually need the same service too. So we built Ravenry in ways that make it accessible to a broader group.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Hoping this is free for use ? Fingers crossed.
@ayush_chandra Thanks! We do not offer a free tier at the moment. If you are on our mailing list, you may receive bite-size research reports from us periodically. :)
I get an nginx error when I try to access this site.
Hi @chriscchan our team is looking into it right now! Thanks for letting us know.
Hi everyone, thank you for the upvotes! We are curious to understand how you would use Ravenry if you have access to it. Please let us know below!
Understanding a new market (market size, user segments, user behaviours, etc)
Getting competitor intel (scanning for potential competitors, use cases, value propositions) for your business
Power up your sales team (generating leads, create awesome customised sales presentation, know who you are meeting)
Others (comment and let us know!)
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