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Desktop messaging for over 48 email & messaging apps


With Rambox you will need to worry about messaging and privacy no more! It is a platform that will let you combine your emailing and messaging applications into one. Every session you log in expires at the moment you log out, so you don't worry about your privacy and meanwhile, you can lock it if you want to spend some time away from your computer.

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Programmer, Gamer & Student

It's a cool app! But the interface is not good... and it's, sometimes, laggy.


Easy to use; Shut down services;


Ugly Interface; Annoying Status Bar; Ugly Badges;

User Acquisition 👥∞

Since I discovered Rambox, I can't help but install it on every computer I use. Really flexible and useful.


Free, open source, highly customizable, a huge list of services and the possibility to add yours!


None at all


It takes them more 2+ months to do some MAJOR fixes!


It has a good potential


It lacks customer support and chrome extensions.

love love love it. 😍 it's like the only mail clients that have all of my accounts supported and availiable, the pricinng is amazinng too since the communnnity use already offered so much. got to be telling my co-workers and classmattes about this since its fantastic. 💙