Desktop messaging for over 48 email & messaging apps

With Rambox you will need to worry about messaging and privacy no more! It is a platform that will let you combine your emailing and messaging applications into one. Every session you log in expires at the moment you log out, so you don't worry about your privacy and meanwhile, you can lock it if you want to spend some time away from your computer.

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Hey guys! I'm so excited to share with you my app. Rambox is a free and open source messaging and emailing app what combines common services into one. So you can use Slack, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook, Telegram, and other 30 services, all in one app. Is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The best features are Sync Configuration, Lock and Don't Disturb. Of course, you will have native notifications and badges to know unread messaging or emails. Visit the website to see more features. There are great features comming up! You can fork on Github and help me to improve the app. I would love some feedback on this and if you have some questions ask me!
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@saenzramiro One thing that Franz has that Rambox doesn't have : Tweetdeck - Just sayin'. I also have to admit you have a much nicer icon.
Interesting that this should come out on the day Franz 3 is released. I can't see a huge difference between this and Franz, both are Electron based. What new stuff does Rambox bring to the table? Update: Downloaded and installed. The resemblances to Franz are… uncanny.
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@frassmith Thanks for your comment. The main differences are, more services (with the possibility to add a custom service manually), Sync Configuration with multiple computers, Lock Rambox, Don't Disturb and is open source!
@saenzramiro yeah, but when I compare the two side by side, I do wonder. Did you build this from scratch and add features or did you just rip off Franz wholesale and add features. In my view, there are just too many similarities in the design language for you to genuinely call this an original piece of work. If I was part of the Franz team, I'd be talking to the lawyers by now. Yes, you have added some functionality, but remove your bits and I see Franz. That worries me. Update: perhaps as @chrismessina says, I was a bit harsh. My bad. sorry.
@frassmith I understand your point of view, and I built it from scratch, also using other technologies. I think this is like all web browsers we have, Firefox, Opera, Chrome... they are all similars because people are used to a design and UX, but they have different design, some features and technologies used.
@saenzramiro Seriously? So if I design an Electron App with tabs, then the tabs in my app will be identical to those in Franz and Rambox. i did not know that.
@frassmith kind of harsh considering that Franz is just a wrapper for other people's services. What's with calling the lawyers?
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Awesome that you made this open source, thanks 🙏
I don't know why some people are discrediting Rambox for looking a bit like Franz. Sure, it's taking cues from Franz, but it actually does improve on it. I've been a Franz user since 1.0 came out and I didn't hesitate to switch over to Rambox when I found it here on PH. The wider range of included services (Outlook and GMail!) is a winner for me, and the ability to add your own is the icing on the cake. And sure at first glance, they do look uncannily alike, but that's how it is. You find an idea, do your version of it, making it better, then release it to the world. Plurk and Twitter. MySpace and Friendster. Kazaa and Bearshare. Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. The list goes on.
Could we see Messages (iMessages) as an option in the future?
@kwadwoadu If Apple release a Web App for iMessages, sure. ;)
@saenzramiro ah of course.. :| probably not going to happen... to bad, love your product though :-)