Quora Ad Platform

Global self-serve ads platform, now publicly available

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Andrew Ettinger
i used to work here
Despite not having individual targeting capabilities of some of the major competitors, I could see ads performing really well on Quora, given the very high user intent.
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Csaba Kissi
Serial maker
@andrewett I'm wondering how it will compete with other platforms. Adwords got extremely expensive already because of competition, FB and Twitter are the winners now. At least for me and few of my colleagues. The other thing is how accurate will the data be. What was the big surprise for me when I discovered that FB reported me about 20% more clicks than the real number actually was. I double checked even in the web server log and the visitors weren't there. So.. very strange...
Mike BarwickA builder of things.
Finally! Long overdue. Will run a campaign soon and see how it rolls out.