Quire 3.0: Nested Tasks x Kanban Board

Agile bridge from plan to action


Quire is a new-generation project management app made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours.

We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones. And it is what Quire is born for.

Featured as one of the best project management softwares on Entrepreneur and Huffington Post.

Would you recommend this product?

Really love where this task/note manager is heading. Quire seems like the best of Workflowy meets the best of Asana without the fluff.


Simple, thoughtful interface; every note has a URL; easy export; active developers; flexible to your task & note style; and good mobile.


Sometime glitch-y, although developers are quick to respond. Also, tasks can't be quickly turned into high-level projects; no big though.


This Kanban board looks interesting and different. It's worth a try.


1. Nested to do list.

2. Simple and clean UI.

3. Real time communication.


No Gantt chart.


The Kanban implementation in particular is great because it works very well with tasks organized on multiple levels. That means any selection of nested tasks from classic Tasks view can be displayed in a simplified format.

Personally I think the user interface has been improved to perfection. It looks great, especially when using the dark theme. That allows me to keep Quire visible all the time in one of the three monitors I'm working with without being distracted.

I also enjoy the bookmark feature, I think it's probably one of of my favourite features. It works with both tasks and projects, something I don't think I've seen in any other app.


Fast and reliable. Excellent support for large number of projects and tasks. Good support for content formatting (including titles and tags)


Not many at this moment. Quire listened to users feedback and constantly improved every part of the app since it was launched.

Yet another developer
So far the best alternative to trello and asana. I love it!!! first, thanks to the developers. Quire has changed and made all of our task management issues more easy. It has an intuitive UI, though sometimes glitchy. It's clean and helps to only concentrate on what's really important. My team has migrated fully from trello and asana to quire and we're pretty much happy with it.