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Featured as one of the best project management software on Inc and Huffington Post.
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Hey Product Hunters! πŸŽ‰ Have you ever felt tired and discouraged by your own to-do list with no end in sight? We know you've tried your best to optimize your productivity, but sometimes life gets in the way. πŸš€ Quire is well-known for a hierarchical task list that maps your mind, however, after a while, we found the list can easily grow into an overwhelming one. A while ago, we've introduced Peekaboo feature to let you tuck away the tasks that aren't actionable for now. Now, we want to let you have another even more powerful feature called Sublist. πŸ“ You can create as many sublists as you want for your project. A sublist is a mirror of your main task list, whatever the changes you make for your sublist will be reflected on your main list. πŸ“¨ Instead of dealing with an ever-growing task list, now you can narrow down the view and create a personalized sublist and focus on the right tasks at the right time. πŸ¦„ Have fun! If you have anything to let us know, leave us a review!
Great job!! Will check it out :)
@oliverriechert Great! Let us know what you think :)
Fantastic! I believe Quire is the first project management software allows infinite nested tasks and now even infinite sublists! Thanks for the awesome product!
It is like trello had a kid with workflowy, but better. And free. We are using Quire for years already, it is one of those amazing tools that completely flew under everyone's radar. The tool is still free, it has been for years, but the quality is on par with other productivity tools, or better. Writing couple of nice words is the least I can do.
@lebaux Thank you so much for your kind words :) We hope you enjoy the new feature as we do :)
I have been using Quire for a few years now. I love the team's product focus and dedication to simplicity. Can't believe they are still mostly under the radar
@asaf_moses1 Thank you so much :) We hope you enjoy the new feature!