Test your HTML emails before sending them

#5 Product of the DayApril 10, 2015
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Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Love the team over at @litmus
Lauren Smith
Lauren SmithMaker@lozzzytweets
@blendahtom Thanks Tom :) We appreciate it!
Jack Shalom
Jack Shalom@jeshalom · CEO, Giffage
Holy heck. I've always found this to be such a nuisance (creating html emails and testing them), so thank you for this!
Jack Shalom
Jack Shalom@jeshalom · CEO, Giffage
@jeshalom oh wow, and the option to move CSS inline upon sending...genius. Thanks guys!
Lauren Smith
Lauren SmithMaker@lozzzytweets
@jeshalom So happy to hear that you're finding it useful! Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!
Luiz Centenaro
Luiz Centenaro@luizcent · Head of Customer Success
Seriously amazing. I'm going to be using this everyday. Ty so much!
Kevin Wimer
Kevin Wimer@kevinace · CEO of LootMarket.com
We've been using this for quite a while @jamplay - fantastic product. Highly recommended!
Konrad Caban
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO, SuperMonitoring.com, yourbrowser.is
Hi Lauren. I like your product and use it when needed. The feature I'd love would be an ability to send messages with images attached.