Push Notification Preview

A simple tool for previewing push notification copy

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Nice one. It would be great if there was option to upload our own icon, too :)
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@casualmess Definitely a good suggestion!
@donte_ll @casualmess Also, it would be great if we could upload the background photo too. Maybe even set the text on the status bar. This could easily become a tool for providing screenshots for app publishers. I recently wanted to find a good screenshot of a push notification to add on our web site and I had to customize one. Congrats!
@yorgosgalyfos Thanks! Great feedback. I've already been thinking about how this could evolve, and that's definitely one direction.
@donte_ll @yorgosgalyfos But in that case, it would be nifty if there was option to choose the iPhone colour as well as model :)
@casualmess @donte_ll Agreed. You may take inspiration from theapplaunchpad.com
Hey folks, A little explanation as to why I created this. Push notifications are a great way to engage users on mobile and now the web. It's critical to create copy that gets users to take an action on the push. I created this simple tool as a sandbox to help marketers perfect their push notification copy before sending it off to their users. As a marketer who has written a lot of copy, I found myself using lightweight tools to preview things like Google ad copy, Google meta titles and descriptions, and email subject lines. Now there's a tool for push notifications. ;-)
This is handy....would also be great to save the preview image....given I normally want to see how it feels on a mobile device and not on desktop in context.
@nicholassheriff Makes sense. I'll definitely consider adding that.
This is perfect.
@nivo0o0 Thanks, Niv!
brilliant idea, this is excellent example of side project. Great idea and simple to implement.