Fall asleep in 60 seconds with this innovative breathing app

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Hey everyone! My name is Jonas, I'm 16 years old, from Dortmund, Germany, and I'm the developer of Pulse. Pulse is the second app of my company 24/7 Applications (24-7-applications.com) and I would be really happy about your feedback! :D It was a long way to code this app since it has a completely new and innovative design and a breath visualization that my company put a lot of effort in to bring breathing apps to a new level of simplicity and effectivity. What my app offers, is: - Fall-Asleep-Technique: scientifically proven breathing technique developed by Andrew Weil that can make you fall asleep in about 60 seconds - Relaxation-Technique: breathing technique commonly used by the military to reduce stress in battlefield-situations; claimed to be the 'natural sedative of the body' - Innovative breath visualization: Pulse uses a completely new form of breath visualization developed for several months that is supposed to bring breathing apps onto a new level of simplicity and effectivity I hope you all enjoy it! Happy hunting and have a great day!!! :D
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@jonaslecking Good work! The usual PH question... Plans for an Android version?
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@k3sava There are plans but since I really don't have the time to code an android version (several other exciting projects coming!) this would be something I would hire an extern for if the app generates a speicific amount of downloads!
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@jonaslecking congrats on shipping Jonas :)
@mscccc Thanks :D
@jonaslecking Sehr schöne App! 👌
An Apple Watch extension would be very handy for this.
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@farbodsaraf i hit upvote so hard
@farbodsaraf isn't it in watchOS already?
@guplin_ @farbodsaraf Great idea, haven't thought about that yet! I'll definitely give it some thought, the app downloads were massive in the last days!
@farbodsaraf This was my first thought too! I love how the Breathe app vibrates up and down gradually so I can close my eyes and focus on my breathing.
Inhale through your nose, hold for few seconds, exhale through your mouth. For those who can't download, that's all what the app tells you... 😓
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@iamlukaszajic Thanks! Same problem here. No iPhone.
@iamlukaszajic Well, that is apparently what every breathing app does. But keep in mind this app has been developed with the help of a professional yoga instructor who tested it and gave me the different techniques to implement. You can also choose between different programs by clicking the left bottom button of the menu. In addition to the completely new visualization and animation of this app that no other app has, it also is actually the most beautiful breathing app out there. Still, thanks for your feedback!
@iamlukaszajic slightly disappointed that there was not more to it than inhale and exhale. Not saying the technique is off but thought there was going to be more to it. Also think there are some bugs with trying to change the technique or flick through stats and going back to start again. Doesn't seem to give me the option @jonaslecking Appreciate young makers getting stuff out there and look forward to seeing this develop further
@bentossell Thanks! Update is in the making, adding an optional status bar and a new breathing technique to it. Every bug that has been reported to me should be fixed then!
@jonaslecking @iamlukaszajic Sure the app is beautiful, but I don't really care because I sleep with my eyes closed. Also, because my eyes are closed, I can't read the screen telling me when to inhale and exhale. This app is kind of useless for me to be honest.
I was waiting for the app to say, "Inhale. Now hold." I'd be out cold in under a minute, but sleeping like a rock.
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Interesting! I'd try but I'm on Android as well. Could be nice to see a dark theme as it's most likely to be used at night or in a dark environment.
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@stephen_koller Good idea! It actually was included in an early beta version but there was some trouble in the UI because of the different blur effects used... Still, thank you very much for your feedback on my product, really appreciate it!
@stephen_koller I tried to achieve a similar idea on Android about a year ago: https://play.google.com/store/ap...