We used our in house Photoshop parsing technology to build the very first PSD to Sketch Design converter. It does pretty much what you would expect: it converts a PSD file to a layered Sketch design including vector shapes, text layers, artboards, layer effects, masks and more.

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Hello Hunters, I'm so excited to introduce you our new online tool: PSD to Sketch Design Converter (currently in Beta). https://avocode.com/convert-psd-... It does pretty much what it says - it can convert a PSD design to a layered Sketch file - including vectors shapes, text layers, basic layer effects, clipping masks, and more. So in case your team is switching to Sketch, you don't have to recreate all your designs by hand - just convert them. For free. This magic is possible thanks to our Avocode technology for parsing designs. Please let us know how useful is this for you: https://avocode.typeform.com/to/... Thank you. Vu Hoang Anh (CEO & Co-founder at Avocode)
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@helloiamvu Did one yesterday and never got an email of the finished Sketch file? Were the servers overloaded or something?
@helloiamvu Nvm, It just went to spam! :)
@bluetidepro thanks for letting me know. I'm glad to hear that. Did the conversion go OK?
Daaaamn, that is awesome!
Can it do the opposite (I'm a Windows user who occasionally is sent Sketch files)?
I've been hoping for this product. Thank you for making it.
Been using this since the beta, and it's such a handy resource to have! Excellent work, Avocode team.